The Art of Shopping at RC Jewelry

February 21, 2011 7:05 pm0 commentsViews: 290

Annie Dew
A longtime Wellfleetian artist, Annie Dew captures the exquisite beauty and rustic charm of Cape Cod with her distinctive portraits of images of life by the sea. From the choice of materials, incorporating woods and rope, to the color palette and movement of the brush, Dew’s paintings capture the folk quality of Cape Cod’s soul. Stylish and charming, folksy and fun, Dew’s artwork exudes a specific point of view of not just seaside living, but also loving where you live.

Jan McPherson
An increasingly collected artist, Jan McPherson’s “Rustics” have been a hit since she began creating them in the 1960′s. Keeping to the vintage look and design, McPherson’s paintings on wood retain the folk art roots of their spirit, but feature the precision of fine art with a whimsical wink. Bright, colorful, and eye-catching, “Rustics” exudes the warmth and essence of folk art days gone by with a modern touch.

Christopher Pearson
You know a piece by Christopher Pearson when you see one. The stained-glass craftsman has been making his one-of-a-kind pieces for over 25 years. Playing with color and the light the cut glass captures, each panel features its own unique design and palette. Cut with mathematical precision, each geometric pattern tells its own story and makes a perfect artistic accent for a well-lit room or backlit for an attention-grabbing wall hanging.

Patrizia D’Auria

Sensual and vibrant. Strong and bold. The work of artist Patricia D’Auria, done under the artist name Patrizia, speaks of feminine strength and a vibrant sexuality. Working in both oils and illustrations, D’Auria’s paintings, created in her Aquarius Rising Studio upstairs from RC Jewelry, bring a declarative feminist voice to Provincetown’s art scene as well as a daring use of color and playful presentation and imaginationd_auria_blue_nude_48x24_2oil_330_165