In Memory of Josephine Del Deo

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Courtesy of David W. Dunlap/Building Provincetown

Courtesy of David W. Dunlap/Building Provincetown

In Memory of  Josephine Del Deo

October 24, 1925 – August 25, 2016

It’s hard, if not downright impossible, to express how much good Josephine Del Deo did for her beloved Provincetown. That makes her loss this past week at the age of 90 all the harder. Her steely determination in defending and preserving the town’s artistic heritage, natural environment, and bohemian culture is unparalleled, with her artwork and writing prominent accomplishments in the town’s storied art colony. Perhaps her biggest gift to not just Provincetown, but the nation, is protecting the Province Lands from development when she and painter Ross Moffet convinced town meeting to include the land in the Cape Cod National Seashore. Later, she would challenge the National Park Service to honor the rich cultural heritage of the dune shack dwellers, which she and her husband artist Sal Del Deo were among. From historic preservation to land conservation to the town’s rich cultural life, her impact on Provincetown will echo throughout eternity.


Josephine-Del-DeoThe Road to Provincetown
by Josephine Del Deo

As often as I come to here, to the end of it,

Sinking down sunset;

Winging my heart’s passage with the gull,


As often do I rediscover heaven.