Sometimes old things are still hip and cool.  The A-House is the oldest dance club in Provincetown, and according to David LaSalle, who has been the entertainment coordinator for 39 years, it may be the oldest dance club in America.  And it is one cool place. The inside of all three bars feature rustic wooden beams, parts of wooden ships, wooden ladders, wooden bars, wooden stairs… It’s basically soft wood throughout. And David says this is why the acoustics are so good.  The dance floor is smooooth. With wood, everything just gives a little bit.  And there’s a happy vibe here.  The Little Bar opens at 12 p.m., while the other two bars, the Dance Bar and upstairs, the Macho Bar, both open at 10 p.m.  If you haven’t danced here, you really should.  And if you have, go back.  You’ll see why this is a tradition, and why it is still such a happening place.

The A-House
4-6 Masonic Place