Once again the beloved Red Inn opening party had to be canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. It’s normally this week that townspeople would assemble in the historic restaurant and inn to not only celebrate a new season at the popular West End hot spot, but also the coming of the season as Provincetown shakes off winter and embraces spring. The tradition will return, but you needn’t wait until 2022, as the Red Inn is now open for the season and welcoming guests under current public health protocols. And true to the resilient spirit of Provincetown, the Red Inn has been like a homecoming as townies and visitors alike have rushed to the gorgeous spot on Provincetown Harbor this past week for good food, well made drinks, and the friendly vibe that make the 100-plus-year-old institution a perennial favorite. Better days are coming and the Red Inn is the perfect place to toast to a brighter, healthier future for us all.

The Red Inn
15 Commercial St.