You can tell everything you need to know about Utilities by its name. The local housewares store, which specializes in kitchen and bathware, emphasizes usefulness and practicality above all and avoids the unnecessary. Owner Dennis Lemenager isn’t particularly interested in those “plain objects,” as he puts it. Rather, he bases his business around the importance of utility, providing items that exhibit genuine function as well as good design

And while your average Bed, Bath, and Beyond might prioritize having a large selection of products, Utilities is a home store for the minimalist, thoughtfully curated and contained within a chic and cozy retail space on the east end of Commercial Street. For Lemenager, who bought the store in 2002, the intention is really to “narrow down” the shopping experience, distilling the catalogues of big-name manufacturers like Umbra, Oxo, and Casafina into selective shelves, fulfilling every need that your kitchen and bath might have within a very small space.

Lemenager loves the dedicated local following that Utilities has developed over the years, but is also pleased that the store has been a big hit with the seasonal tourist population, as well. These different groups have different needs, but Utilities appeals to both with products you can use in your local home or take back from your vacation as a souvenir. It also intentionally leans into the culture of entertainment in Provincetown, selling a variety of appropriately themed nautical glassware and other water-inspired goods.

Now in its 25th year of business, Utilities is still standing tall as a home store that has true taste, vision, and style. For those seeking a change to their living environment, Utilities may be the perfect place to find something to make your home truly flow on all levels.

Utilities Home Store
393 Commercial St.