For those familiar with Provincetown’s history, the town’s deep connection to the art world is obvious, but many who come to visit are unaware that they are standing in a place that has been one of the biggest art communities in the United States for years and attracted creatives of all kinds since the turn of the twentieth century.

Francesca Cerutti, who started Cape Art Tiles with her partner Cid Bolduc in their basement in 2009, says she loves to watch her customers realize the depth of the Provincetown art scene. Cerutti says she seeks to offer visitors “a piece of Provincetown at an affordable price,” selling high-quality wall tiles, trivets, and more, featuring reproductions of original works by big-name Provincetown artists.

Cape Art Tiles features the work of 10 different painters, each representing a different Provincetown art style, in addition to seven unique local photographers. All artists receive royalties for each purchase made in the store, and as Cerutti points out, “For some of our artists it’s just some mad money; for others, it pays their winter heating bills.” In this way, Cape Art Tiles has established important relationships with the art community here.

And the products are not just cheap trinkets either—they are American-made, high-quality, and incredibly durable (Cerutti demonstrates this to customers by throwing one of the tiles hard on the floor. It doesn’t break). Plus, the store’s cutting boards, night lights, clocks, and other custom-made home goods serve a functional purpose, allowing connoisseurs of art to surround themselves with the beauty of Provincetown at all times.

For Cerutti and Bolduc, what’s important is making art accessible, and opening up opportunities for shoppers to learn and explore within the vibrant culture of Provincetown.

Cape Art Tiles
309 Commercial St.