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There “She” Is

April 14, 2011 6:00 am0 comments

By Steve Desroches Ever since Miss America 1984 Vanessa Williams lost her crown over the publication of nude photographs, the Miss America Pageant has been scandal-shy to the point of paranoia. Contestants must sign a contract that says they are of “good moral  character,” and that they have no “criminal [...]

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Chocolate to Soothe the Soul

6:00 am0 comments

by Rebecca M. Alvin Few foods generate as much delight as chocolate. In its nearly 4,000 years of existence, this food has been used for a variety of purposes – for nourishment, for spiritual ritual, and of course, for the pleasure of eating it. Its scent, its flavor, its texture, [...]

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Coo Coo for Cabaret

April 13, 2011 6:00 am0 comments

Life is a cabaret and good old Liza is going wish she was here for CabaretFest, Cape Cod’s only music festival dedicated to celebrating the best in cabaret. Performers from New York, Boston, Providence, and the Cape gather each April for one magical weekend full of fun, music, and surprises. [...]

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