Lady Ha Ha Kate Clinton on Provincetown, politics, and growing up Catholic

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In a world of  media sound bites, political rallying that can sometimes border on the absurd, and rampant shortsightedness, Kate Clinton is the trend-spotter for her audience.
“People are swamped in the information age, so people have no time to spot patterns,” she explains. “I think that’s the job of the comic… to find out what is the pattern.”
The veteran comedian has been performing in Provincetown for 26 years, and in that time she’s seen it all, incorporating much of what she’s observed into her act. She will be performing October 14 – 16 at the Crown & Anchor, ending another great season in town.
“I think of the summer [in Provincetown] as a wonderful time for me to try stuff out, and as soon as it starts to work out, I get rid of it and do something new… it’s a lovely process, such a creative time,” Clinton says, adding that Women’s Week is a special time for her because so many of her “sister performers” are also in town.

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Cashetta’s Séance

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Throughout history and in almost every culture, humankind has tried to communicate with the dead. Most mainstream religions have a deeply buried belief somewhere in their history that communicating with the "other side" was possible. But the modern day concept of a séance (the French word for "session") came from the Fox sisters, who began to hold public séances in the small towns just east of Rochester, New York, in 1848.


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