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Neighborhoods 3: Requisition of Doom

July 16, 2011 7:43 pm0 comments

altThe topic of Jennifer Haley’s Neighborhood3: Requisition of Doom is the increasingly difficult to define line between reality and fiction. Specifically, she asks us to look at the hyperreal world of online video gaming here, in the process not only providing a forum for discussing reality vs. fiction, but also for examining today’s generation gap between overindulgent, clueless parents and their disaffected teenaged children.
The play is set in a suburban subdivision. The family life in these homes is what you would expect from any play written about families these days – dysfunctional, with moody teenagers, bored housewives, and confused fathers trying desperately to connect with their sons and daughters. The kids are completely absorbed in a video game called Neighborhood3. This is how they connect with one another. No one goes outside to play. No one meets up on weekends for dinner and a movie. And absolutely no one looks their parents in the eye, if they even bother to acknowledge mom or dad’s presence. But this is not just a play about dysfunctional family life. Rather, Haley looks at these things through a horror movie plotline, wherein the occurrences in the video game begin to affect real life violence.

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Living the Dream in “Snail Road”

June 3, 2011 3:14 pm0 comments

alt Reality and Provincetown are not two words that are often found in the same sentence. Reality is relative in Provincetown.
For many, the first glimpse of Provincetown is akin to Dorothy seeing the Emerald City. It’s a place that promises you can be who you want to be, and that your past, and indeed reality, is irrelevant. People all over the world click their heels and end up in Provincetown to fulfill their dreams, and along the way they meet fantastic creatures, mythical characters, and mysterious beasts.
“We make our own reality here,” says musician Zoe Lewis. “And it’s a marvelous thing.”
Snail Road, a new musical by Lewis premiering at the Art House, sets the alternate reality that is Provincetown to music. Gertrude Golightly, played by Lewis as sort of “the love child of Gertrude Stein and Holly Golightly,” is riding her bike down Commercial Street when she has an accident and bumps her head. Waking up, the first thing she sees is a giant Miss Richfield 1981. And so begins her fantastical journey through Provincetown to realize her dreams, which does not necessarily include going back to reality, but embracing the new life she has found.

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