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REVIEW: An Act of God

by Rebecca M. Alvin

There are times in even the most devout person’s life where one questions God’s motivations. Why do people suffer? Why do bad things happen to children? And if the Bible is in fact true, why would God ask Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son? What kind of god is God?

Well, fear not, because God is actually in Wellfleet right now onstage at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater (WHAT), in the form of “a short black chick with a big head” named Lynette R. Freeman, and she is ready to answer all your questions. Well, actually, not so much answer your questions as much as explain her motivations and actions over the course of Earth’s history, with the assistance of her two best angels, Michael (David Meyers) and Gabriel (Alexandra Lemus).

The format for this one-act play is a combination between talk show and game show, with a set design (by Ellen Rousseau) to match. One by one, God goes through her real ten commandments, which do not match up to the ones you know and sometimes even contradict them. Throughout her discussion of her rules for life, she peppers her lecture with anecdotes about what she really told Noah to do before the flood, how in the beginning it really was Adam and Steve, and why The Book of Job is the most hilarious one for her.

Meyers and Lemus are excellent accompaniments to Freeman, the former providing an earnest, human curiosity and the latter a light-hearted sidekick for God. But the performance is essentially an hour-and-a-half long monologue by Freeman, who delivers impressively with perfect timing as she gives surprising explanations for everything from Jesus’ suffering to why she allowed the Holocaust to happen. She lets us know she’s tired of our constant calling out her name, that she does not want a “personal relationship with you,” and that she is not against people of different faiths, LGBTQ folks, or anyone because in her eyes, we are all “equally smiteable.”

Daisy Walker’s expert directions shows in this tight production of a bold, ingenious script by David Javerbaum. An Act of God is essential for any theatergoer on the Cape this summer, and for atheists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and humanists alike. Knowledge of the Bible is helpful, but not required.

An Act of God is performed at WHAT, 2357 Route 6, Wellfleet, Tuesdays – Saturdays at 8 p.m. through August 17. For tickets ($25 – $39) and information call 508.349.9428 or visit

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