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REVIEW: Miss Richfield 1981 in Born Again

by Rebecca M. Alvin

Ah, to be born again! It’s an appealing thought, although the phrase does carry with it some religious-intolerance baggage. Well, baggage or no baggage, Miss Richfield 1981 is not afraid of bringing her own born-again story to audiences at her new home onstage at Pilgrim House. And in her usual fashion, Miss R. may just drag you into the spotlight with her, whether in a musical tribute to baby Jesus or a literal rebirth re-enactment with her stage-mother doing the birthing!

Complemented by various video segments that document her journey through Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and of course, Christianity, Miss R. transcends religious boundaries to offend them all in one way or another, but always in a way that brings a smile to her victims! As a divided country, it can be hard to tackle the many taboos. While certainly not politically correct by any stretch of the imagination, Miss Richfield’s show does reflect the times in which we live. For those who have seen her show before, you will notice less racial humor, for example. But this doesn’t take away from the hilarity at all. And if you are Catholic, as one of the audience members selected was on the night I attended, you’ll get all the politically incorrect humor you want. (As you will if you’re Jewish, gay, straight, female, male, etc.!)

There are a lot of drag shows to choose from in Provincetown, each with its own particular take on current events, and each with its own specific flavor. Miss Richfield 1981 has been in town for 16 years now, this one being her first at Pilgrim House. Her style is brash, audacious, and definitely not for the overly sensitive, and yet there is a kindness to her act. In fact, the evening I went there were probably six or seven children at the show! While most of the humor likely went far over their heads, her all-in-good-fun manner made it a great time for everyone.

Miss Richfield 1981 performs in Born Again at Pilgrim House, 336 Commercial St., Provincetown, Wednesdays through Sundays, 8:30 p.m., through September 15. NOTE: The schedule is modified after September 2, so check with the venue for show dates.Tickets ($30/$40) are available at the box office or online at For more information call 508.487.6424.

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