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Review by Jaiden van Bork

A rising star in Provincetown, Mackenzie controls the stage like no other – and it’s not just her towering stature that captivates showgoers. In her new show, Mack’nifique, Mackenzie and her dolls take over the Crown & Anchor’s newly-renovated Wave Bar with infectious charm and energy.

The music is loud – pleasantly so. The costumes (which are many) appear only to get better and better throughout the show. Mackenzie herself takes the stage with an unbridled enthusiasm, in her massive, hot-pink platform boots, screaming into the microphone, “Are y’all ready for a good time?!!” as though she were performing for a stadium full of thousands. The performer’s bold personality and sharp comedic edge drive the show forward, never once failing to keep the energy up. And Mackenzie’s dolls – Spookey, Drigo, and Lady Prism – each bring a unique flair to the stage as well, all three of them masters of movement and dance, ready to stun with remarkable feats of the body.

While many shows in town import talent from across the country, these performers all live right here on the Cape. They’re part of a new wave of young local creatives in the area with new ideas about building an artistic community that serves and caters to all.

That’s what makes Mack’nifique different from other burlesque shows. The self-described “all local, queer, body-positive burlesque experience” reflects a new opportunity to subvert the norms of burlesque arts. In a genre that often centers a certain idealized body type, Mack’nifique and its cast are unapologetically real and enthusiastically diverse. The resulting message is one of inclusion; a reminder that everyone and anyone can be included in the experience, whether as observer or participant. Audience members are even greeted at the door with the opportunity to don a colorful glow-neckclace, indicating that they’re comfortable being touched by the performers, while those who choose not to can enjoy the show in comfort without this participatory aspect. Within the intimate setting of the Wave Bar, Mackenzie creates a unique sense of safety. And that safety makes the experience more accessible and welcoming to a wider audience.

Mack’nifique is exciting, sexy, funny, and rambunctious, but it’s also so much more. This show sends a clear message about the evolution of queer performing arts moving into the future and promises to deliver a burlesque experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. It is a celebration of the body in all its forms – and a masterfully executed one at that. This show is sure to leave you feeling energized and empowered.

Mack’nifique is performed in the Wave Bar at the Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial St., Provincetown, Thursdays, 9:30 p.m. through September 8. For tickets and information call 508.487.1430 or visit

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