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Ed Teo and Ron Robin
Photo: Steve Desroches

by Steve Desroches

Everything was going according to plan. But as John Lennon said, life is what happens when your busy making other plans. After years of renting the space that housed the Mews Restaurant, husbands and owners Ron Robin and Ed Teo finally bought the building at 429 Commercial Street in 2018. Now they could do long-desired renovations on the beloved restaurant, so they drafted plans and began getting permits appearing in front town boards like the Conservation Committee and the Historic District Commission, as well as applying for economic development permits.  All was approved and they were ready to go. 

And then bam, the pandemic hit and everything, absolutely everything, came to a grinding halt. 

Once the pandemic began to lift, at least as to allow for construction to begin under public health guidelines, no contractor could be found to take the job they were so busy. It would be two years before they could even get anyone to look at the project and once they did find a contractor they decided it was best to do all of the work at once rather than piece meal over a number of years. However, that would mean staying closed throughout the summer, something in the 60-year history of the Mews the restaurant has never done. The solution? The Mews would hit the road and travel down Commercial Street to number 386 (formerly Spindler’s) for the duration of the renovation.

“Our first priority was the staff,” says Teo. “The second was keeping the feeling, the vibe of the Mews.”

The Mews staff, some of whom have been working there for decades, had already been out of work for six weeks when construction began at the restaurant that is otherwise faithfully open year-round. And when it comes to keeping the Mews vibe the staff itself is a huge part of that effort, but throughout the month of February the Mews crew began bringing “things from home” to make the Mews Pop Up feel as close to the original as possible. Things like the mahogany panels that were originally from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, the blue drapes, and the handmade tables made by Mike Myers all are the details that have turned the space into what Robin and Teo jokingly call “Mini Mews” as the space is smaller than the traditional Mews. They even brought the brass wine and cocktail glass rack, but hanging it in the new space proved a challenge.

“Neil and Jane are at the bar,” says Robin using his hands to show the significant height differential between the two long time bartenders. “If we hung it so Jane could reach Neil kept hitting his head. If we put it higher Jane couldn’t reach it at all. So we ended up getting Jane a milk crate to use.”

The MacGyver solution to height challenges is only temporary after all as the plan is to return to the Mews building sometime in October, even accounting for any unexpected delays, but definitely in time for the holidays should their estimates be off. So adjusting to their new home the Mews Pop Up diners can expect practically the full menu and bar in the dining room, pub, and patio while the deck upstairs will offer a full bar, a raw bar and offerings like salads, burgers, and other nibbles in a more casual atmosphere than downstairs. The outdoor space between the restaurant and the Waterford Inn is for guests of both establishments to enjoy a cocktail or wait for their table to be ready. The Pop Up opened on March 1 and so far the adjustment has been going well, with patrons delivering “the highest compliment” says Robin when they say the space has the “same vibe” for which the Mews is known and loved.

Photo: Steve Desroches

While Robin and Teo are having fun with this temporary project, they are also kept busy addressing rumors around town about the Mews. They both give a hint of a smirk and a giggle when asked about them. First and foremost, the Mews is not being raised. They did endure “six weeks of terror” when they thought it might be a possibility, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) requirements that are triggered by a certain size of work done on a property only apply to residential buildings. Also, in the thirty plus years the Mews has been at 429 Commercial Street only once as water ever entered the building, and the extensive work being done on the building is not due to any storm damage at all. What is being done is a now completed paving of the formerly gravel parking area, expanding the bistro and bar by removing what is an apartment on that level and then turning the attic which had previously been used for storage into a residential unit (which is high enough that it does not trigger FEMA regulations either). A new kitchen floor, updates to plumbing and their propane tank, installation of mitigation infrastructure to handle future storms and reduce flooding as well as to the foundation, that is in great condition, but will be improved  to ensure longevity. 

“The Mews is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year,” says Teo. “We want the building to reflect that its ready for the next 60 years.”

The Mews Restaurant at the Waterford Inn Pop Up is located at 386 Commercial St., Provincetown. For reservations or more information call 508.487.1500 or visit

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