68 Shank Painter Rd., at Stop & Shop, Provincetown • 508.487.1111


Pennie’s Liquors works at keeping up with an ever-evolving industry with wine varietals from newly discovered terroirs around the globe, craft brewers, and distilleries such as Truro’s Rum. Beers include domestic premiums, microbrews, newly expanded malt-based products (including organic and gluten-free), and the big international brands, as well as non- alcoholic beers. Then there is the vodka selection, including many new vodkas that are organic, sustainable, and gluten-free. There are margarita, wine, beer, and rocks glasses, for when plastic simply will not do. Pennie’s Liquors offers 20 percent discounts on mix and match cases of wine. Throughout the season there are impromptu tastings of wine, beer, and liquor, so check with the store. Pennie’s is also a full service package store, with ice, lottery tickets, coolers, drink mixes, beer nuts, you name it. Special orders encouraged.

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