Johnny Thai has been cooking his own brand of Thai food in Provincetown for 26 years. He came from mainland China, the son of a chef who passed his recipes to his son. Johnny then studied in Thailand, became a sushi chef, and presents his own Asian interpretation to a willing Provincetown audience. He makes all his own sauces and soups, leaning heavily on those recipes passed down from his dad.

For an app, dig into the seaweed salad, which features a mixed variety of seaweed seasoned with sesame oil and black and golden sesame seeds, or try one of the sushi apps, the most famous and most popular “Sonny and Cher Roll.” (All the sushi rolls are named after stars!) Try the delicious Singapore Rice Noodles, a thin rice stick noodle dish with vegetables, shrimp, chicken, curry powder, and Asian chiles. There’s a sense of fun to this restaurant (of course it is attached to the Monkey Bar, which offers somewhere near 150 martinis and exotic drinks, which certainly adds to the fun!) Check it out. The menu is extensive, the food is fresh, the martinis are mixing….

Johnny Thai at the Monkey Bar
149 Commercial St.