Today, restaurants offer a significantly wider range of flavors, catering to a more global community, like Provincetown. The newest eatery, Helltown Kitchen, does just that. They serve flavors from around the world, like this scrumptious Jamaican seafood stew, which is a bowl of shrimp, mushrooms, corn, potatoes, cod, mussels, all in a coconut curry broth, with shavings of coconut…served with a side of Jasmine rice. This is American global cuisine, Latin, Caribbean, with some Indian and even Ecuadorian influences.

And it figures. Lawrence, the chef, originally from Guyana, has been cooking in our global town for 27 years. He’s the back of house. Willy is the front, and he hails from Venezuela and Colombia. The restaurant has limited space, and a limited menu, which Lawrence says allows for everything to be fresh. They serve dinner nightly, from 6 p.m. (In the morning and early afternoon, the space is occupied by Yolqueria.) Check it out and visit another country, American style.

Helltown Kitchen
401 ½ Commercial St.