The colorful button-down, iconic short shorts, and even the swim brief are staples of the vibrant men’s fashion found on the streets of Provincetown on any given day. This unique fashion culture here is thanks to the vision of local and worldwide designers, quality retailers, and unique brands and labels. Originally an exclusive line carried by BodyBody, ST33LE is one such brand. An offshoot of Marc Jacobs, ST33LE offers stylish and comfortable athleisure-wear and swimsuits made from high-quality, durable materials. The brand has achieved extreme popularity in Provincetown and abroad, and has now opened its own location in place of the former Marc Jacobs store at 184 Commercial Street

Look up and down the Provincetown streets on a busy day and you will undoubtedly see some ST33LE merchandise. The key to the brand’s success is in the fabric. Made from breathable combinations of linen, cotton, silk, and the sustainable, eucalyptus-based Tencel fabric, ST33LE’s clothing is durable, quick-drying, comfortable, and stylish. Offering shirts, shorts, swimwear, accessories, and more, ST33LE has already made itself a core part of Provincetown fashion. And now, with its beautiful new space, inspired by the interiors of a contemporary Japanese farmhouse, ST33LE has carved out a home of its own for shoppers to explore.

For store manager, Keith Labasbas, men’s fashion is at a pivotal moment. “Men are still learning to put things together”, says Labasbas. “They want to go outside of the box—especially after this pandemic.” For the men of Provincetown and anyone else who’s interested (Labasbas notes that men are not always his only customers), ST33LE offers stylings that will allow you to comfortably explore your own sense of fashion.

184 Commercial St.