William “Willy” Garcia has a deep passion for culinary eclecticism. The spirited restauranteur, a Venezuelan immigrant, speaks enthusiastically about the wide range of global influences that come together on the menu of his Provincetown restaurant, Helltown Kitchen. He says his goal is to provide Provincetown with “a little bit of something different.” Drawing inspiration from his home country, in addition to many other culinary hotspots worldwide, including India and the Caribbean, Garcia presents not only food that is truly global and unique, but also a space that itself feels like an homage to the cultures of these countries.

“Everything has to come together,” says Garcia. For him, it’s not just about the food, it’s about the experience.

On the Helltown menu, you will find dishes that may be familiar—their famous lobster risotto or a stunning flat iron steak. But you will also find dishes that take you across continents, from the Indian pork vindaloo to the Ecuadorian pescado encocado to the Venezuelan arepa and more, not to mention the killer cocktails and gorgeous deserts, such as their elegant and iconic flan.

It is easy to see that Garcia takes pride in Helltown Kitchen’s deep and complex cultural roots, as well as the restaurant’s impeccable dedication to quality and consistency. Having come to the states as a foreigner originally, he says he loves the feeling of being able to truly “make it” here in America. This passion and drive that Garcia has is evident in every corner of the restaurant and every bite of food you eat. 

Helltown Kitchen Restaurant
308 Commercial St. #3