The Maple Syrup in the Clam Chowder

by Steve Desroches As technology and tastes continue to change at a rapid pace, so too do our habits. Much has been made about the...

Coming Soon

Blythe Frank Steps in to Lead the Provincetown Film Society by Rebecca M. Alvin Blythe...

Anything but Typical

Punk, Power, and Palmolive in Here to Be Heard by Rebecca M. Alvin At first glance, Paloma McLardy appears to be just like any other 63-year-old...

Springtime for Sisi

by Steve Desroches From Aristophanes to Voltaire to Stephen Colbert satire has long been a cultural tool to take those in power down a peg...

More Than Meets the Eye

by Rebecca M. Alvin No one really has the body they wish they had. It’s almost human nature to have a disconnect between who we...

REVIEW: Duty Free

by Rebecca M. Alvin As children we naturally depend upon our parents, seeing them as our guides, all-knowing gods...

a Father’s Journey

by Rebecca M. Alvin Jeanie Finlay’s new documentary Seahorse opens with the titular sea creature cavorting underwater, setting the stage for what is a very...

Master of Disguise

Sean Baker on Filmmaking on the Edge by Rebecca M. Alvin The Provincetown International Film Festival has celebrated “filmmaking on the edge” for 20 years now....

REVIEW: Before You Know It

by Rebecca M. Alvin Director Hannah Pearl Utt’s new film Before You Know It opens with her character, Rachel Gurner...

Getting Down and Dirty – Learning to Love the Earth As An Ecosexual

by Steve Desroches Beth Stephens was flying home to West Virginia in 2008 when she noticed something horrifying from 30,000 feet in the air. Mountain...
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