The Time Is Now

by Steve Desroches There’s an old Kate Clinton joke where she quotes Che Guevara as saying, “Optimism is the true weapon of the revolutionary,” but...

We’ve Got The Beat!

A Q&A with Jackie Beat The rumors are as a legendary as the queen herself. The savagely funny Jackie Beat beat it out of Provincetown...

The Clock Strikes Twelve

by Steve Desroches The idea came out of New York. Actor and singer Sam Bolen thought of a story about a romance between two men,...

Opening Day

Summer Season Begins as Pandemic Protocols End by Steve Desroches Top Image:  Left to right:...

For The Roses

by Steve Desroches Since it’s founding in 2006, the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival continues to dive deep into the life and work of one...

Review: Star Boys: A Sci-Fi Burlesque

by Steve Desroches It’s Carnival Week, and while Provincetown may be taking a trip down the Mississippi River to New Orleans with this year’s theme...

Comedy in the Time of Trump

by Steve Desroches Suzanne Westenhoefer is not a political comedian, but she is a political person. She’s also had way too much caffeine and she’s...

A Gay In a Manger

by Steve Desroches Kitten and Lou fell in love in Provincetown.  Those aren’t their real names. They’re stage names, but even around their house they...

A Wicked Smash

Megan Hilty Comes to Town Hall by Steve Desroches Much like Provincetown, there is a discernible magic to Broadway. You can feel it, but it’s hard...

The Nuns’ Story

by Steve Desroches Founded almost 40 years ago, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have become icons of style and service. Incorporating the elements of garments...
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